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Over the past year water cooling ‘ready’ cases have come along at a steady pace and have now started to evolve into a viable entity in their own right. Not long ago a water cooling ‘ready’ chassis was in reality a case with two holes drilled in the back and that was the extent of it. We at Overclockers Tech embarked on a mini-crusade of-sorts in order to get the manufacturers to produce a TRUE water cooling case that did not cost in the region of £300. If the aforementioned chassis are unable to install at least a 240mm based radiator along with its fans internally then it is simply not water cooling ready. Drilling two holes in the back will not fool review sites and it certainly does not fool the most important element of all and that is the consumer.

CM COSMOS SE front angle

Mayhem’s Pastel and X1 Review


Water Cooling over the last couple of years, as any enthusiast will tell you, was in danger of becoming stagnant. Very few companies, if any, were truly innovating and the ones that were making changes, were only making minor changes at best. Essentially there were only three radiator companies manufacturing products world-wide. This being Black Ice (in the Philippines) Thermochill (in the United Kingdom) and finally the massive company in China that produces all the rest, such as the XSPC and Magicool products.

TT Sports Dracco Signature Headphones Review





Headphones come in all shapes and sizes these days, from the small in-ear type to the gigantic DJ-Style models. However with the former some people (ourselves included)  take exception, as obnoxious CHAV’s on the bus will blast the occupants of the aforementioned vehicle out with ‘their’ version of music. Whilst one in theory would find no problem with this, however to the rest of the us whom do not have our ears blocked up with ‘candle wax’ the previously mentioned phones sound much akin to that of a myriad of dried peas being shaken up and down in a tin.

Headphones Box

BIOSTAR Mini ITX Motherboard Review




Small form-factor motherboards are not by any means a new thing on the market, however the price of these have refused to go down in recent years. The latter is the most important factor as users whom purchase smaller motherboards refuse to pay the same price as the larger standards. If for example a consumer wished to purchase a Micro-ATX or Mini ITX motherboard for a Home Theatre PC only to find the extra expense of purchasing a regular processor when all they wish to do is listen to music, run as a HTPC and browse the web. To combat this manufacturers have released varying Mini ITX motherboards with the Intel ATOM based CPU. However we all know how utterly ‘pants’ as we say in Yorkshire’ the aforementioned processor really is in terms of speed, so what is needed is either a low-cost add on processor or possibly one of the on board variety in order to bring down the cost to a reasonable level. Biostar just may have the answer with their new product with their NM7OI-1037U motherboard.


Cooler Master Storm PULSE-R Headphones Review




There are a great many headphones in the world today, ranging from the budget range that sounds akin to a myriad of peas in a tin (whilst being violently shaken) to that of the ear drum rupturing kind. Being a self confessed audio boffin this reviewer likes to check out these sort of things and examine any given product for quality of sound reproduction. We at Overclockers Tech appreciate a wind range of music from Mike Oldfield to that of Heavy Metal so it is with some curiosity we review the latest product from Coolermaster Storm.

Lian Li PC-D8000 Chassis Review


Ten years ago the only chassis that a water cooling enthusiast could purchase off-the-shelf was a Mountain Mods U2UFO case. However this company was based in the USA and one had to pay an over inflated delivery charge and a worrying issue that all the panels were packed in cling film.. yes you heard correctly ‘Cling Film’ or ‘Saran Wrap’ as our distant American cousins would say. As such scratches and  dents to the powder coating were all too common.


FaceBook Becomes the World of 1984


Facebook the social networking site that we all know and love, parodied by many in comedy shows such as the cult hit the ‘I.T Crowd’ with the Friend Face’ scenes. However there is a darker side to the aforementioned that is just coming into light by the worlds media and that is the word’ ‘Spying’ Now to the average person this would sound a little far-fetched and reminds one of a certain gentleman whom had an arch-enemy going by the moniker of ‘Blowfeld’  and a certain evil white cat.  However in this dark seedy world, there is an absence of sexy women throwing themselves at people nor are there any uber-villains whom are stupid enough to explain all their plans when they think they are about to achieve world domination. This realm is one of cowardice and corruption at the highest of levels and the voice of the people has become the language of the few, what was meant to bring the world closer together in order to speak with one voice is now but a awkward silence.

1984-movie-bb_a1 John-Hurt-in-1984-001

Cooler Master COSMOS SE: Released.


Extreme Performance Starts Here


Taipei, Taiwan – 24/09/2013 –Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today proudly launches the newest addition the ultimate line of premium cases, COSMOS SE.

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